Harness Production

VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS can support you in the development, prototyping, production, certification, laser marking, inkjet marking and testing of all your cable assemblies, wiring and electro mechanical subassemblies. 

As a supplier for the industrial, defence and aerospace market, we are familiar with all the quality demands and certifications. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery to find a  cost-effective solution for every requirement. From prototyping, to small series to mass production ; VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS is your partner. 


VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS can design he best solution for your demands based upon your wish list using existing software, cable and connectors. 


based on your design, we can produce a proto type for you based upon the requirements. Afterwards this can be fully tested in our test facility. 

Build -to-Print

Our experienced, well-educated and certified production team is capable of delivering as well prototypes as series of over 1000 pieces. We have the right tooling  for every job, so we can produce any quantity in an economically and cost effective way. 

Cable types 


  • Cable trees
  • System cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Power cables
  • Battery cables
  • Adapter cables
  • Radio signal cables
  • Cables with or without screen
  • Internal wiring
  • Grounding lead




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