VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS one of Holland’s oldest cable assemblers is constantly on the move. 

For more than 50 years our experienced and knowledgeable personnel in engineering, project management and production, our well-equipped production facility and motivated staff, form the basis of an effective, flexible organization and reliable products.  

More than cable confection : VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS offers customization  

We produce and deliver for decades to OEM-companies in the commercial, defence and aerospace market. Our specialists like to develop together with you from the beginning.

If you want to deliver top quality, you have the breath QUALITY 24 hours a day.  

VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS is constantly optimizing its processes. We are certified for multiple disciplines, being audited by our customers. The company continues to make constant investments in new technologies and training of our staff.

VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS has been founded in 1957 by the famous industrial and shipbuilder Cornelis Verolme with the purpose to build the electrical wiring and cabinets for his own shipyards, oil tankers and aircraft carriers. 

With the decline of the Dutch shipyards in the late seventies VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS had to find new markets on its own. 

Since 1979 VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS started to produce the electrical systems for tanks and infantry fighting vehicles such as the Leopard 2 MBT. 

Since 2013 we are part of the Austrian group of companies the “Raytech Group”  with multiple production facilities and warehouses throughout the globe which strengthens our power in logistics, production purchasing capabilities. 

When entering the Raytech Group , VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS has made a new step in repositioning and  expansion of the company. 

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